CocoPazzo was founded in January 1995 and soon became a meeting place for celebrities and quality-conscious customers, quality being a key element that, together with care and passion, is symbolic of this establishment.
The excellent service is much appreciated and guaranteed even for post theatre dinners.
It was recently renovated into an elegant, refined yet casual meeting place where you can taste the dishes of traditional Tuscan cuisine.
The dining rooms, in subdued and harmonious colours, display modern pieces and Tuscan finds which together create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Our kitchen prepares dishes of great quality fully respecting Tuscan traditions such as a selection of salami, the classic Florentine steak, freshly baked bread, the freshest pastries, a great variety of pasta dishes with home-made pasta and main courses of meat and fish excellently prepared by our skilled chef.



Our pizzas, cooked in a wood oven, are prepared with top quality products, from the sourdough starter for the dough to the tomato sauce passed through a fine strainer and the mozzarella: fiordilatte mozzarella or buffalo mozzarella DOCG.
The choices are numerous ranging from the classic to the most elaborate or customised.
For people who prefer an organic alternative to the usual white flour, all our pizzas can be prepared with Khorasan "Kamut" flour, the name of this flour is derived from the Egyptian "Ka'moet", which, translated, means "soul of the earth".





The typical Tuscan straw covered bottle gives its name to this new, friendly and informal environment that aims to introduce young people to the tradition of Tuscan cuisine.
With its crisp Baguettes and suggested tastings from a selected range of meats and cheeses, it is also fast becoming a meeting point for those, in a frantic Milan, who have no time but still want great quality.

A wide selection of wines can be enjoyed by the glass


Themed tastings will be offered from time to time to learn about local products, wine pairings and items of interest always prepared with excellence and quality.





Internet reservations are accepted only if made two days in advance (e.g. Monday for Wednesday) to allow time for confirmation.
Please include the first and last name of a contact person (and the company name if the reservation is made on behalf of a company), a telephone number and fax, the date, time and number of people for whom you intend to book.
Reservations for the same day or the next day must be made by phone on
+39 02 76020823

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Restaurant Cocopazzo
Via Durini, 26 - 20122 Milan
Tel. and fax +39 02 76020823
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The restaurant is open every day
Monday-Friday 12pm - 3pm and 7pm - 12am
Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 12am open all day


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